What is Pensword Publishing?

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Are these listings truly original art?

-Every listing is created directly by the artist. It is filled and shipped by the artist personally.

How will prints look when they arrive?

-prints will be custom printed on poster paper, unframed, 9×11
– print will be sent USPS, in a folder with descriptive materials included
– print sizes can be custom ordered on most prints

Can an item be Returned?

All artists determine their own pricing and shipping methods
– there are no returns on original items once shipping and received.
PenswordPublishing/HN Books is not responsible for returns but recommends,
and encourages open communication between artists and clients throughout the purchasing process.

Can a not for profit or group purchase?

– group purchases welcome, just ask.

Can anyone add their work on PenswordPublishing.com to sell?

– Yes, any artist of original art, music, pottery, sculpture… any original artist.
– Approval of work for listing will be at discretion of PenswordPublishing.com staff.
– Listing is free, no time limit, artist sets pricing.
– Listings of copyrighted works are completely owned by artist.
PenswordPublishing.com reserves the right to determine what type of products to sell on its site.
-PenswordPublishing.com expects a kind and friendly exchange between art lovers. Artist will be removed for negative feedback.