• Far Away Beach

Love of Humanity
Far Away Beach

Is there anything better than being a little kid and going on vacation to the seashore? All of humanity was there to soak in the sun and to breathe the air. We were all joyously in love with our time away. We would swim for hours each day and then ride our bicycles until sunset. Far Away Beach was inspired by the seemingly arduous from the car to the ocean. It was so exciting and I could not wait, so it seemed to take forever, but once you were there, everyone was joyous and full of laughter.  People were kind to each other and shared with each other- all day long! Everyone plays at the beach. Young or old, everyone plays and has fun. I love humanity and approach every human as another chance to make a friend.

Original is 6 ½x 9, acrylic on canvas.
Available on poster paper.

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Far Away Beach

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