• Blue Heart over the Mountains

The Greatest of Love- Soul Love
Frankie’s Heart

The soul of the earth shows magnificent colors. If you look, you will see blue horizons of the future and a heart experiencing eternal love.  It reminds me of what God created for us all. Love.

Frankie’s mom wrote this when she saw my work: “It reminds me of my daughter's blue eyes, the heart shape is the love I have for her and the love she had for me, the essence of God’s love when he created all of us. The white billowing strokes in the painting remind me of clouds, heaven and a far distance. The huge heart coming over the mountains reminds me of how big my love is for my children and my grandchild. It reminds me that love is huge and expansive. I feel that having love and being loved is a true blessing. The painting is beautiful and heartfelt and was painted by my friend who is loving and caring. The artist has suffered herself, but loves others more than herself.”

Original is 14x11, acrylic on canvas.
Available on poster paper.

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Blue Heart over the Mountains

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