• Jeremy’s Forest

The Hope in Love
Jeremy’s Forest

Jeremy’s Forest became real as I looked at Jeremy’s Trees and wanted to continue in creating a sky full of color and wonder. A sky full of future and love and comfort. I created a path to walk, and a goal to attain. The goal is deep in the tranquil forest, where only love remains. It reminds me of the journey on the path to happiness.

I sent out a request to my family and friends to share the feelings evoked when viewing Jeremy’s Forest.  My cousin sent an “Evocation from family: " Having spent an on-and-off night camping atop a cliff, when peeking over the edge, it seems the morning light cutting through the tail of the disintegrating cloud system, tells me, after a cup of fresh "cowboy coffee", it's going to be a perfect day. Climb on! "

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Jeremy’s Forest

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