• Jeremy’s Tree

The Hope in Love
Jeremy’s Tree

Jeremy’s Tree shows no matter what lies ahead, the sun is always there to help guide you and to illuminate the possibilities. The colors are peaceful and the forest is tranquil. Jeremy’s Tree is a good tree; it is strong and supple and embedded solidly in the earth. Please remember Jeremy as this tree. Just as Jeremy was embedded solidly in the love of his parents, friends and family.
I sent out a request to my family and friends to share the feelings evoked when viewing Jeremy’s Tree, this was their response:
Reminds me of Christmas joy, the smell of pine trees, one’s cones, balsam, and fires burning. It makes me think that art is such a wonderful gift and brings joy and happiness to the artist and the viewer.

Original is 20x16, acrylic on canvas
Available on poster paper.

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Jeremy’s Tree

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