This map accurately depicts New York harbor as it was in 1916. The United Stated presented a more detailed map to the Mixed Claims Commission, set up after World War One to settle claim from the war, to support its claim against Germany. America alleged that German agents blew up Black Tom Island and the Commission agreed and awarded America $50 million in damages. Germany finally settled after World War Two. Please note the many differences to the current harbor. Black Tom Island's piers and loading areas no longer jut into the harbor. It is now part of Liberty Park, New Jersey. Many of the railroad lines are no longer in use or have been torn down. Through the use of landfill and modern engineering, Lower Manhattan now extends further into the water. For example, the site of the World Trade Center would have been in the river in 1916. The location of the final chase scene, Caarsens final demise, is a bit south and slightly east of Battery Park in the direction of Governor's Island.

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Map of New York Harbor - 1916

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