• Sunset over Big Sur

The Wisdom of Love
Sunset over Big Sur

Big Sur, California is one of Mother Earth’s treasures. My view as I stood on a balcony at sunset, soaking in the stunning vistas. It was a magical time. Nature has a wisdom all its own. The physical chemistry (some call it alchemy) of life manifests into a shimmering mist of vibrant colors illuminated by the sun’s rays of golden light. Suddenly, senses become breathtakingly enlivened – the feel of the breeze, the smell of the ocean, and warm gentle sunlight. There is nothing quite like it. You feel transformed into another realm. It creates a sense of wonder, beckoning the acceptance of what has already past and an optimism for what is yet to come. The future will bring you infinite possibilities for love, light, tranquility and peace. God is infinite and so are the blessings you will receive, it is all part of the grand plan for this Mother Earth.
Just Be, just love.
Enjoy the journey,
into the horizon,
into infinity.

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Sunset over Big Sur

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